Telefire Fire&Gas Detectors Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing fire alarm and gas detection systems since 1979.
The company continuously invests in electronics, physics of fire, and gas sensing research, and is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that have total in-house development and manufacturing capability of state-of-the-art technology for both detectors and control panels.

Telefire manufactures a wide range of devices for fire and gas detection systems – from conventional (small- to medium scale) systems and up to firecom® analog addressable technology, with swift response, immunity to costly false alarms and friendly operation and maintenance.

In case of emergency, when every second counts, Telefire systems promptly pinpoint the source of danger – type and location – and activate means to counter it.

Our systems are installed in office buildings, factories, military and government installations, restaurants, hotel and shopping mall chains, power plants, etc. Telefire products and systems protect life and property in the most sensitive locations.

Telefire products are approved by various international standards institutions for BS EN 54, CP-10, UL, gost, SI 1200, and other standards.

Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel ADR-3000

The fire alarm control panel, the ADR-3000 is a state of the art fire alarm control panel. Based on Telefire’s firecom technology and using intelligent analog addressable techniques, it monitors and controls output devices, offering the very best in capacity, capability and reliability in fire alarm systems.
The ADR-3000 bridges the gap between conventional fire alarm systems and large analog addressable systems, enabling small fire alarm installations to benefit from the latest technologies at a very cost-effective price. Furthermore, an ADR-3000 fire alarm system can supervise a wide range of smoke, heat, gas,
and multi-sensor detectors, call points, alarm bells, automatic extinguishers, etc., offering an outstanding ability for quick response to dangerous situations.
Addressable Fire-Fighter Phone & Evacuation System TFP-3000

The firemen phone system, TFP-3000 is a signal communication system with Two – way which intended to the firemen emergency powers and combined in the fire alarm system.

This firemen phone sytem is entered and controlled by the ADR-3000 fire alarm system and allows fire detection signal communication between telephone points installed throughout the protected site and the master control panel the TFP-3000 which is attached to the fire alarm system.

* Modular system that allows control of up to hundreds of telephone points.
* firemen phone addressable points to control and signal separately from every depression.
* suitable for all Fire department services requirements, the Israel Standards Institute, and UL.
* All lines controlled introduction of origin.
* Phone jack TFP-806 allows connection of fire alarm button, the TPB-10R, which will be set to a separate address.
* Problems presented by the coordinator on the fire alarm system LCD.
* Modes of work are shown with indication LEDs on the TFP-3000 unit .
* The System enables speech which – temporarily at least 5 points with phone control unit.


Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel TSA-1000

The conventional multi-zone fire alarm system, TSA-1000 is ideally suited for new and retrofit applications.
The system controls 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 detection lines. Designed for small – to medium commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, it meets and exceeds the current requirements. The TSA-1000 fire alarm system is installer friendly, and can be easily configured in the field without any special tools. Its advanced activation matrix allows flexible configurations varying from simple to very complex requirements.

TSA-1000X - The TSA-1000X Electrical Automatic Extinguishing Control and Delay Device is designed in accordance with EN 54-2; EN 54-4; and EN 12094-1 Standards.

Conventional dual-zone fire alarm system TSA-200 - The TSA-200 which is manufactured by Telefire is a dual-zone conventional fire alarm control panel for fire detection and automatic extinguishing. The TSA-200 is designed to meet the requirements of the Israeli standard – 1220 part 2, the UL 864 ninth edition standard and the EN-54 European standard.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel GSA-1000 - The fire alarm system, GSA-1000 is an advanced computerized fire alarm control panel for fire and gas detection and automatic extinguishing. This fire alarm system controls 4-, 8-, or 16 detection lines and related programmable output lines that enable the operation of sirens, automatic extinguishing devices, evacuation alarm, or any other output device.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel GSA-2B- The GSA-2B is a dual zone automatic fire alarm and extinguishing control panel that can be operated with a wide range of detectors.

Evacuation System EVAX-25- The EVAX 25 is an evacuation system that can be integrated with the ADR-3000 fire alarm system. The system is powered and supervised by the analog addressable ADR-3000 and allows announcing standard warning sounds and messages in the protected premises according to the logic of the AAM (Advanced Activation Matrix) of the ADR-3000. – video

Telefire Philippines is represented by Electro-Systems Industries Corporation.

Telefire Quality: UL, EN 54, EN 12094, SI 1220, ISO 9001:2008, GOST