Company Background


Founded originally as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in London, England in 1926, Tannoy presides over one of the longest and most distinguished histories in the world of audio equipment. The famous brand name originates from a solid-state rectifier invented by company founder, Guy R. Fountain. It is made from a Tantalum-Lead Alloy (Tannoy), an early indicator of the invention and technical innovation that would become the hallmark of the company throughout the 20th Century and remaining so to this day.

For many, the word ‘Tannoy’ is synonymous with public address, appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary as: ‘a communications system with loudspeakers, used for making announcements in public buildings.’ In fact the phrase ‘Over the Tannoy’ is widely used in the UK and some other countries to describe a PA announcement. Few brands in audio have had such an impact in their field over a long period of time to enter the popular mindset in this way.


Professional credentials with a distinguished history


Tannoy Professional – the professional audio arm of the business – is dedicated to bringing Tannoy’s wealth of engineering expertise, market knowledge and brand values to both the commercial install and performance audio sectors. Having entered the emerging contractor audio market in the early 1980’s and with a long history before that in the field of live PA systems, Tannoy Professional today holds true to a core ethos in striving to define the benchmark in the many segments of commercial loudspeaker design where the company is active. Among these, Tannoy has become a recognised leader in high performance commercial install audio as well as being a key player in the small and medium-scale sound reinforcement loudspeaker markets, with many highly successful product lines to be found in bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, music venues, theatres and theme parks the world over.


Since becoming part of the TC Group of companies in 2002, with sister company Lab.gruppen – itself a respected innovator in professional audio with its market leading power amplifier and loudspeaker management products – Tannoy Professional has benefited from access to a wealth of engineering expertise, developing cutting-edge products with the aim of taking the Tannoy brand quality to a wider range of potential applications in the commercial install and performance audio sectors. These most recent product developments have heralded a new period of growth and expansion, and reinforced the Tannoy ethos of leveraging technical innovation to provide the market with peerless products that deliver unique real world performance benefits and highly competitive value.


The success of these new products, and continuing focus on innovation and improvement, ensures that Tannoy Professional is well placed to remain a leading name in commercial install and performance audio for years to come. Electro-Systems Industries Corporation is the Philippine Partner/Distributor of Tannoy Commercial Install Business.


Tannoy Speakers:

  • Sound Reinforcement Speakers
  • Surface Mount Speakers
  • In-ceiling Speakers
  • Column Arrays
  • Pendant
  • In-wall Speakers
  • Live/Portable Speakers
  • Subwoofers