ACTi Corporation is the technology leader in IP surveillance, focusing on multiple security surveillance market segments. ACTi’s extensive technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 has empowered ACTi’s worldwide partners and customers to enjoy best quality video performances from VGA up to Megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.

ACTi: Company Profile
ACTi Corporation, founded in 2003, is an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider, covering all the way from security to business management solutions.
The core value of ACTi is to deliver these solutions through in-house developed technologies applied to its whole product line.
These products include IP cameras, video management software and video analytics that are seamlessly unified.
These solutions are customized for all markets through the comprehensive support of pre- and post-sales service tools and utilities.
ACTi’s world-wide 24/7 technical support ensures customers a service they can depend on.

Continuous Growth as the End-to-End Solution Provider

Over the past decade, ACTi has gradually expanded the range of products and services to be able to provide end-to-end solutions for different markets, such as retail, mobile vehicle, education, residential, and much more.
These solutions include very specific market-driven services, such as point-of-sale integration, access control, alarm systems, fleet management, queue management and other analytics based services. ACTi also provides services for security management, business management, business intelligence, service management, and system management.
ACTi has specialized development teams dedicated to the creation of customized solutions to fulfill specific project requirements.
ACTi solutions may be deployed with different types of system architectures – from cameras with simple built-in recording features to the latest cloud-based services.

Solution Partnership

Though ACTi strives to offer a complete end-to-end solution, it continues to maintain full capability and flexibility to integrate its systems with third party platforms, such as with world leading open platform video management systems.
Those joint solutions are often highly appreciated as they bring out the best value of both parties.

Engagement with ACTi

While the range of products and services is expanding, ACTi has focused on making it extremely easy to learn and plan projects with the help of convenient service tools and platforms. Among these include project planning tools, a wide range of video clips, and a fully interactive website.
These self-learning services are available through the ACTi website, offline PC-based tools, as well as apps for Android and iOS.

ACTi Philippines is represented by Electro-Systems Industries Corporation.