In the mid-60’s Mr. Wellington C. Soong saw the challenge of providing high technology based solutions for the infrastructure requirement of growing enterprises. It was a revealing insight into a perspective of unending opportunities for a fast developing market.



Having started in 1966 and formally registered in 23 February 1972, with experience spanning 7 decades from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000, 2010, 2011 into the future. The Vision in 1966, had its evident realization in the growth of Electro-Systems..from its initial involvement in Audio Systems, we have evolved to be in the forefront of electronic systems engineering in the Philippines today. It is with pride that Electro-Systems and its esteemed Chairman is sought after by major technology principals and key global industry players to be their partner in the Philippines because of the following attributes:  40+ years of extensive technology implementation and project track record, Electro-Systems  have the most advanced technology to integrate the monitoring, operation and control of mechanical / electrical utilities and auxiliary, Manufacturer’s support  and Distributor of major manufacturers and brands.


Live The Dream..Pursue The Challenge..

An optimistic outlook as Electro-Systems envisions the next coming decades as an era of opportunities for the organization to fulfill many challenges. This time, towards becoming a comprehensive partner for NEXT FRONTIER TECHNOLOGIES to its clients.

By the Year 2050’s, the demand for energy will double, world population will be at 9 Billion and consistent with the increasing clamor for emerging societies for a better quality of life, there will likewise be a greater focus to lower carbon dioxide emissions by half. With the new challenges brought about by the continuing global changes affecting the landscape for developers, cutting-edge technology has become the standard benchmark for buildings, infrastructures and mega-communities to be Future-Proof THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. Electro-Systems will strengthen its leadership posture by growing from its core expertise anchored around Integrated Facilities Management Systems and complemented by new breakthrough technologies in its portfolio. Conscious of the need to mitigate Environmental Impacts by its industry, Electro-Systems is proud to exclusively represent Green Products in Fire Suppression, Smart Lighting and Image Projection Technology. The environmental aspects of its products and services support its clients’ drive for Efficiency and Sustainability. Electro-Systems will again be in the forefront as a SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT that enable clients to achieve their goals applying NEXT FRONTIER TECHNOLOGIES to emerging and future challenges.